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Dr Paul Armstrong


For some, having a baby comes easily and naturally, for others, nature needs a helping hand. Either way, the birth of a baby signifies a little miracle.
Paul Armstrong feels privileged to be able to offer his expertise and care to ensure that the final result is a happy, safe and successful one, as can be seen from the faces of the 'satisfied customers' below!

"Thank you for making the pregnancy and birth a relatively smooth ride!"
Muriel A

We will always be in great debt to you as after 3 long years of unsuccessfully sustaining a pregnancy and with apparently no conclusive reason forthcoming, within a month of your treatment H. was on the way!

"I just wanted you to know that without you, and the help you gave me carrying E. to term, I would never be celebrating this special day."
Sophie W

"We are enjoying our family life. We still can't believe that we have a son and a daughter after all the heartache. Thank you so much."
Kathryn B

"Our girls are our world and without your help we would never have known such happiness."
Carmela S

"Having been desperate for so many years, you gave us hope and our dream has come true."
Sadia A

"Thank you very much for making my delivery a wonderful and unforgettable experience."

"I felt I was in the best possible hands throughout this most special time of my life. Thank you"
Nathalie P

"We will never forget all the support that you gave us during a difficult time in our life. You kept our hopes alive and provided the best personalized attention and excellent medical care that we needed."
Kathy B

"Thank you for delivering baby No.4. Although it was scary, our complete confidence in your skills and capabilities as a surgeon and doctor made the process as good as it could be. Thank you also for always listening to my moans and concerns without dismissing them."
Susan D

"I have never felt so good or recovered so quickly following any of my C sections before (this was my third) & I know that is due to the excellent care I received."
Denise B

"I am very grateful for the thoughtful, supportive and empathetic manner and your excellent expertise with which you supported me throughout."
Nicola R

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